Ride Leader Profiles

 Fred Rosenberg

Retired astronomer & rocket scientist. When not riding he is the president of the College of Charleston Center for Creative Retirement.

LLoyd Hepburm

Medical doc & Sunday ride leader. Pictured at Patriot's Point ride stop.  

            Bob Markisello

Previous club president, retired engineer, amateur photographer, and top Bike MS ride fundraiser.

  Welcomes new and visiting riders. Known to wrangle too fast riders that exceed published ride speeds with a          toot on his legendary red whistle.        


Kelly Holsten

Rock band performer during his adventuresome youth. Still active in the music world. 

Performance ride leader and speed coach. Provides expert equipment, apparel, bike set-up and riding advice. Is known to say, "We don't have to kill-it" at the beginning or most rides. Welcomes fast paceline riders and racers to his rides.  

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