Monthly Board Meeting- March 2021

  • 2 Apr 2021 6:06 PM
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    Attendees- Stewart McKeever, Brano Ritter, Bruce Synder, David Champagne, Phil Whirley, Paul Keefer

    Introductory comments by new President Stewart McKeever included thanks and appreciation for the work of outgoing President Phil Whirley and welcoming of two new Board members.


    Because group rides have begun informally and unofficially with success, the Club will announce, via the website, that group rides have now officially restarted.  A list of qualified ride leaders will be posted to the website and care will be taken to insure these individuals will fill out and sign the designated Wild Apricot form.   A ride leader will not at this time be permanently assigned to each ride but rather designated at the particular ride based on agreement as the ride gets underway.  Bob Markisello, Darren Marshall, Byron Gainey, Dan Cloyd, and Fred Rosenberg are currently acting as ride leaders.

    For clarity it was restated that there will be no Fall Century in 2021.


    Cash on hand stands at $36,218.61.  The previous balance was $40,879.  Significant transactions included:  +$1001.-  membership revenues; -$4262.50- century registration refunds; -$890.37 ride insurance premium paid;  -$230. Square Space renewal cost; -$1,397. other expenses; -$83. bank charges.

    A motion was made and passed that the Square Space website will be cancelled but domain hosting will remain with them. 

    Email contact will be made one last time with the remaining century rider registrants who have not yet replied to us.  This contact will confirm their proper current address and indicate that as of June 1, 2021, their registration fee will be considered a donation to Coastal Cyclists unless, prior to that date, they specify a refund is desired.  The Club’s current obligation for refunds is an additional $3745.  

    The financial report to the state will be made on or about June 15, 2021.

    At the April or ensuing Board Meeting a Budget for the upcoming year will be discussed. 


    Stewart indicated that Membership and Social Media are the most needed.  For Membership, Phil agreed to continue in this role, but expressed desire to begin working with someone interested in assuming this work once they are prepared to do so.  

    A brief synopsis specifying what these positions require will be prepared. The website will solicit members to fill these roles, but face-to-face solicitation by Board members will also be necessary.

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