Monthly Board Meeting Minutes- JULY, 2021

  • 28 Jul 2021 7:54 AM
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    Attendees- Stewart McKeever, Brano Ritter, Bruce Synder, David Champagne, Phil Whirley, Paul Keefer, Tom XXXX

    Tom, a club member, describing his physical problems staying with the main group on a recent ride, suggested the Club do more to accommodate riders unable to keep up with the main body.  Several board members concurred, stating that having just one speed group has been a limitation that needs to be overcome.  Riders falling off the main group are less inclined to return, so accommodating riders of varying speeds will foster more riders and club members.

    Discussion proceeded mentioning that finding a leader for a slower speed group has been difficult.  To overcome that, several board members offered to lead a second group (15-17 MPH) on as many rides as possible. It was pointed out that a permanently assigned leader of a second group on a ride could not be established.

    It was agreed that the website will add mention of two speed groups being offered on as many rides as possible so that Club members become more aware of these opportunities.  It was mentioned that other group rides (Trek store) offer multiple speed groups in rides that they do. 

    Bruce Snyder mentioned he was starting to work with a West Coast gear manufacturer, ELIEL, to possibly replace PATIMO that has lower quality Chinese merchandise. It was generally felt by the Board that this change would be favorable and popular in a kit for the 2022 Century.  A contract on gear should be established by the end of August.

    2022 Century-  Bruce Snyder walked through all items on a summary sheet he had prepared.

    Highlights of discussion:

    Date- 4/16/22; this is the Saturday of Easter weekend and could produce many riders visiting for a three day weekend;  day before Easter Sunday not seen as a problem (past success)

    Sponsor- Phil mentioned Post & Courier is a strong candidate to be a sponsor / do publicity and he will continue to foster that situation.

    Marketing and publicity- Idaph (N.C.) has handled in the past and done a good job so it will probably be a good choice this time too

    Awendaw Green has been reserved for this date. (Eddie)

    Band- has been popular and seems likely again

    Caterer – Dish and Design is the probable choice

    Volunteer sign-up site is already in place

    Christine of Summerville is a potential Volunteer Coordinator

    Food- proposed that barbecue and optional plate is preferable 


    145 members currently

    Opening balance was $34,179.43; expenses (including Wild Apricot, etc) make current balance $33,918.

    Next Meeting- Tuesday August 17, 2021

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